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Learning A New Way Of Being

As you may have gathered, from in more recent posts, these past few months have been spent with a lot of hustle and very little relaxation.  What I have realized is my life is a little out of balance.

Part of me tells myself this is just how I am.  And part of me encourages myself, “Just keep going, only a little while longer, after a while everything will open up and give way to just working at the things you love.”  And in a way, that has happened this year.

But I am realizing that work is always going to be work.  It is still a discipline when doing the thing you love.  And honestly, it often takes years for the “thing you love” to “love you back….” AKA become your full time hustle.  And sometimes that thing does in fact “love you back,” but because you aren’t at a place of delegating work to a paid employee, you are juggling more responsibilities than humanly possible.

And it gets tiring.  So how does one balance? And how does one prioritize?

The truth is, I think this comes with time.  When the important things in life inevitably start to slip. – friendships, relationships, no time to actually enjoy the life you have created.  It is here that you come to a place of pondering the motives in your heart and why you are working 70 hours a week.  Is it really worth it?

I know some people don’t hit this point because they have a great job that they are content to leave at the door… but for us creative entrepreneurs trying to evolve our side hustle into our full time hustle – which can often mean juggling multiple jobs or gigs that you don’t always enjoy – life can get overwhelming.  And at the inevitable fork in the road of overwhelm and prioritizing you have to decide.  What are my top 3 goals each day?

So today I am choosing to readjust my list, as it has gotten a little out of balance.

Spending time with Jesus – no phone.

Spending time with David — no phone.

Taking time for me – no work.

Simple, but it easily sums up what I need to be focusing on.  I so quickly attempt to make every second of every minute productive– but when did I become a slave to pursuing my dreams.  Let me tell you, I am confident I will accomplish my goals and dreams, but I would rather do it from a healthy place rather than burnout.  So today, once again, I am choosing to hit RESET on a large portion of my life.  What are YOUR top three goals in working to accomplish this?

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