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The Radiant Podcast #5: Hannah Collins


Hannah Collins is the founder of Second Mile Marketing and is committed to helping brands meet their audiences right where they are by engaging current and potential customers digitally.

Over the past 5 years she’s worked at top-ranked advertising agencies and partnered with some of the best brands on social media to tell their story. Whether it’s a video, social media post or an expertly crafted e-mail, Hannah’s job is to effectively communicate your message.

At the time of this recording, Hannah & I worked together writing for Radiant Magazine. We have since closed the doors, but I wouldn’t skip over this one if you like to laugh.

Some of our favorite takeaways from Hannah:

  • Hannah shares life lessons from leading teen girls in Young Life and how it has transformed relationships in Hannah’s life today
  • Writing advice for those just starting out: how to start, the value of transparency, and how an appropriately placed curse word can speak volumes (be ready to laugh).
  • Counting macros, the official health verdict on Halo Top ice cream and other fun and hilarious things.







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