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One Powerful Change For Your Work Week

There was a time when I was cramming my days with 7+ calls, podcast interviews, and meetings, and ending my evenings so scorched that I would decompress in my bed binge-watching Netflix with tacos and a bundt cake.

It’s laughable now, but this was a low moment for me.

I needed a new normal. I wanted to thrive.

I yearned to feel energized at the end of my day, not overwhelmed with exhaustion. I got into this whole online business game for freedom, so I wanted to create a pace felt healthy even when I worked my butt off. It took me a while, but y’all, I’ve finally figured it out.

Like many of you, one thing can shift in my schedule and all of a sudden my calendar is totally out of whack. I was in a pretty steady flow, but something changed in January, and all of a sudden I had jam-packed days where I felt resentful of doing all the things. For me, that was an indicator that it was time to restructure and create a new system moving forward.

The taco and bundt cake night was a significant moment for me because as much as I love tacos (who’s with me!) this new pace was not my jam, nor was it sustainable. I sat down, restructured, and found a new system that is working so well for me that I simply had to share it.

It’s called, batching like tasks.

This means, on specific days each week or month, focusing on one type of task, never mixing multiple tasks at a time.

It’s such a simple concept, but it’s only a great idea until you put it into practice!

Right now, I’m leaving my Mondays and Fridays completely open. No calls, no plans, no recordings for podcasts, blank space. I’ve discovered that when I mix my days with calls and content creation, I’m all over the place and well, rewind to bundt cake night.

So, problem solved… I now have two full days a week to zone in on my creative genius! This means I can be fully present for my calls and meetings Tuesday through Thursday.

You guys, this change was so impactful for me.

It’s not that I couldn’t do it before, but I knew there could be a better way.

We’re women. We’re powerhouses who are chock full of genius. We’re completely capable – and get real – we can multitask til’ the cows come home while somehow fitting more into 24 hours than is humanly possible.

But when it’s at the cost of personal happiness and the ability to thrive each day, something needs to change.

The good news is most often, it doesn’t take much! But this small pivot is 100% worth it because the world needs you to bring the best version of you to the table, and to be honest, so do you!

Instead of allowing tasks to fall through the cracks or only giving each project a fraction of our attention, let’s set ourselves up for success by being 100% present.

By batching like tasks, I promise you are going to see a drastic difference in your level of productivity and, in turn, increase your happiness.

As you can probably tell by now, this lesson came at a cost. I was stressed out and overwhelmed, but it propelled me to strategize a system so that it should never happen again.

Remember, only 50% of your business is the part you love. The rest of the behind-the-scenes tasks have to be worked into your schedule efficiently and effectively. Whether it is behind the scenes or client-facing tasks, let’s maximize your workflow to approach each facet of your business with excellence and ease.

So tell me, what are your thoughts?

Can you see yourself batching your tasks in this way? Another friend of mine recently told me she has an area of focus for each week of the month. You can listen to her strategy HERE.

My hope for you for 2018 is that you can be efficient, productive, yet thriving and fully present for the people who mean the most in your life.

Looking for more Productivity tips? Check out one of my favorite Pinterest boards, Productivity Tips and Staying Healthy Whether You Travel or Work from Home, where I pin tons of great content pertaining to work/life balance for you (because I’m a nerd and look for cool things like that) and I want you living your best life, now.


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