The dreaming part
is easy!
The doing part
is what feels hard.

Let me guess…

That totally makes sense. Dreaming up a new business is a BLAST.

It’s so much fun to envision launching a course, podcast, service, or product that impacts the world. The thought of serving your future clients with love and joy is so exciting!

But if you’re honest enough to admit it, something is holding you back from making it all happen.

Maybe it’s a limiting mindset that follows you around.

Maybe it’s the overwhelm you feel when you sit down to do the work.

Maybe it’s not knowing which step you should take first.

I think it’s a lack of guidance.

Hi, I’m Kelsey!

It takes a COMMUNITY to raise an ENTREPRENEUR.

When I first launched my own brand in 2015, I felt all the overwhelming feelings, too. It was scary to take such a huge leap and commit to showing up for a dream I didn’t know would pan out.

Mentorship is what pushed me to RISE UP.

Over the first few years of business (and even now!) I leaned on the shoulders of incredible mentors who took me under their wing and taught me how to make the jump from dreamer to doer.

I needed their expert wisdom to shift old perspectives, discover the next right steps that would help me execute my vision, and stay hopeful throughout the journey.

Because this entrepreneurship thing is a journey, amiright?

My mentors helped shape my character so I could become the CEO and leader I am today.

I want to pay it forward and be that cheerleader for you, too… because I believe YOU can turn your wildest dreams into REALITY.

Come join me and dozens of other like-minded entrepreneurs for deep-dive discussions, helpful breakout groups, and powerful exercises designed to help you get clear on your vision, create a blueprint for your next steps, and challenge the limits you have set for yourself.


Let’s turn those dreams into reality!



Nothing can replace having strong mentors to cheer you on, but self-mentorship is just as important! Start your day strong with gratitude, hope, and scripture with this gorgeous, hardcover journal.

The simple journaling method I’ve created and used for the last year is a quick way to position your heart for the day ahead so you can reach your goals with a more joyful mindset.

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Radiant Journal


 the Radiant journal

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