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Abundance Mindset In Business

Boundaries, ouch! I am driven by connectedness and I know first hand that these are tough. I was the infamous, Yes man and in pursuit of my vision for freedom, I had developed a lack mindset that left me living in anxiety, stress and never saying no. But I also have experienced that boundaries yield the fruit of abundance and this is what we’re aiming for!

As female entrepreneurs, we want to thrive in our businesses and our lives! And heaven knows we’ve worked for it! But does abundance have to come at the cost of our sanity and self care?

I found myself always waiting for the other shoe to drop, for the rug to be pulled out from under me, for that inevitable bad month of business. A lack mindset tells us we need to save and prepare for the bad month, the worst and unexpected in our business that we know is coming (because when you’re on the mountain top, the valley is coming, right?)

Let me spare you from learning this the hard way and tell you, It does not serve you well to always wait for that bad month and stretch yourself so thin that you can never go as deep as you want to go!

I want to encourage you today to expect the best in your business! After I experienced what I thought was my biggest failure in business, my perspective of what success is to me, shifted. My business is built first and foremost by freedom and I’m not free when I’m a slave to anxiety.

I looked back and saw that through these hard seasons, God has never let me down, I’ve never gone hungry, and my business has actually doubled each year. In the hard moments, I look back at my track record of provision and after a lot of hard work and meeting with my mindset coach and counselor all last year, in November, I felt that lack mindset break off. 2017 was a year of pouring into and investing into myself and healing old mindsets. I’ve moved into 2018 practicing a mindset of abundance and walking in alignment. Abundance in my finances, my marriage, my community, my business. And prioritizing what feels right and going off my gut instinct, my knowing.

Setting boundaries and not being driven by guilt are actually going to yield abundance in your business and set you on the track towards freedom. Maybe it looks like only saying yes to two networking coffee dates a week, not taking on anymore clients, not undercharging anymore because TRUTH BOMB >> you know you’re selling yourself short and if you actually had 10 clients at the right price, you wouldn’t need 40 clients at the wrong price.

So here’s my challenge to you; set some boundaries for yourself this year. You’re not alone! I’ll be practicing right alongside you!

So what will they be? How do you plan on living in abundance this year? Write it down, leave a comment below so that we can all be cheering you on!  I believe this word was not only for me, but also for my community, for you. This is your year of abundance. Let’s do this!

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