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Perfectionism And How It Affects Creativity


Perfectionism. This word resonates with all of us in some capacity. It’s crippling, paralyzing and it’s taken too many of us as victim. Super dramatic, I know, but it’s true! On the other hand, I’ve also seen the positive side of just going with it, and releasing my work even if it doesn’t reach my standard of perfect. Because let’s be real, when is anything ever truly perfect?

I’ve learned to approach my work with this mindset: If we wait to share our gifts and knowledge with the world until it’s perfect, the world would be void of any creativity because nothing would ever launch.

There’s always going to be a way to improve an idea or expand on a project, but is the risk of waiting until something is perfect worth missing out on the impact it could make on someone right now?

I recently read Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert and I can’t recommend it enough! Her thoughts on creativity have been revolutionary for me in helping me find the balance in not rushing creativity but also not letting perfectionism kill it.

For me, there are absolutely parts of my business that I refuse to rush into the world.  I know it’s not at its potential and I will give myself time and space to present my best work. But I’m talking about the times when I find myself doing this fine dance asking, ‘Do I let this out into the world now knowing its not my best!? Or, do I not rush it and make a decision out of fear?’  

If you truly believe in your message that you’re carrying and you’re walking that tightrope wondering if it’s time to release it, consider this your sign. It’s TIME! It’s past time! We’ve all been victim to the voice inside our heads telling us it’s not good enough, but what if that leads to someone in your audience and your tribe missing out on the very thing you’re supposed to deliver into their hands? What if your work was supposed to impact and change someone’s life?

When you start to think of the power of what’s inside you and visualize its potential impact, you start to realize it’s not about you in the first place! It’s about serving other people!

Our culture gets so obsessed with the glossy and perfect. But on the flip side, isn’t our society craving authenticity and not photoshopping our lives? I know I am. Your dream client is, too.

So if you resonate and that small voice is telling you that it’s time, then I’m cheering you on! If you’re on the latter side, don’t rush the process; I’ve been there too. But don’t succumb to fear when it’s go time. You can always fine tune it later and update your work as it evolves! Think about what you’re holding onto and what you can start releasing! Share it with me, I’d love to hear from you below!

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