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Attracting Ideal Clients

I see it all of the time. There are so many of you entrepreneurs working your tails off to build an audience, but aren’t taking the time to think about who makes up your following. Sure you may gain thousands of followers, but if they aren’t your ideal client then you’re going to have likes, but no conversions.  

Whether it’s clients, customers, readers, listeners, consumers (get the point yet?), whatever you are wanting from your followers, wouldn’t you rather have 500 relevant followers who engage with your brand and convert then 5,000 fluff followers who aren’t interested in what you offer?

Now, I know what you’re thinking — I want it all! A large and relevant following. So how do you get both? Easier said than done, but the biggest favor you can do for yourself when it comes to expanding your reach online is to not only gain followers, but to gain the right type of followers.

After years of helping literally hundreds of clients and students, I always come back to these three keys to attracting your ideal audience while expanding your reach in the process:

  1. Bring your dream client to life

Gaining the right kind of client starts with knowing who and where they are. There are so manyfree worksheets available to do this and I have several already pinned and for you to download in my Best Tools to Build Your Biz Board on Pinterest!

I’ve done the work of finding great guides for you, now all you have to do is take the time to map it out and determine your ideal customer!

  • Who are they and what platforms do they spend their time on?
  • How much money do they spend?
  • What are their hobbies?
  • Are they male or female?
  • How old are they?

These are the types of questions you need to be asking yourself as you grow and engage with your audience.

2) Make your presence known

I’ll be frank here: you have to show up!

Are you visible on your Instagram and talking to your email list? Maybe you have an email list that you’re not even touching. Y’all, this is crucial. I know we live in an exhausting era that tells us to do all the things. I’m not telling you to do that, but you do have to pick a few spaces, and show up!

My advice: Show up for the people who already know who you are. Why? Because when you show up to people who have already invited you in to their lives, you already have a leg up in converting them to a client or a customer versus someone who doesn’t know you. Face it, your customers are going about their daily lives; but if you’re showing up consistently, they’re going to notice!

  1. Show up consistently

I go through seasons where I’m face-palming because I’ve totally dropped the ball in this area.

Doesn’t life always seem to get in the way? But, it’s never too late to start over.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of believing that if you don’t post every day, it won’t matter. You don’t talk to your email list or the hub of clients you already have because they’ve already used you and won’t again. Uhm, NO!

Pop back in. nudge them with an offer. Be creative in how you show up in their lives and their feed because they might not even think about what they need until it’s right there in front of them.

If you’re finding yourself stuck and needing more one on one attention with any of these keys, this is what I LOVE to do.

I’d be honored to come alongside you and help you land your dream client and tailor a strategy to your business and your needs.. Shoot me an email if this describes you and let’s build you that six-figure business and start living a life of freedom.

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