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The Radiant Podcast #52: Rachel Swanson

Rachel Swanson is a dental hygienist turned bestselling author, speaker, and accredited Christian life coach. She helps women understand their unique purpose and pursue their God-given dreams, without empty promises. Rachel is married to her husband who loves her despite her love for coffee and often impulsive nature. They rear their tribe of “Wannabe Triplets” in an aspiring country town outside Los Angeles, CA.

Some of our favorite takeaways from Rachel:

  • How the relaxation that coloring brought Rachel as a stressed out mamma, turned into a best selling book.
  • How her struggle led to her now write, coach, and speak on getting free from anxiety.
  • As a writer and creative, how to press on in the midst of rejection letters and knowing it’s not failure, it’s just part of the process.
  • The freedom found in letting go of certain expectations so that you can celebrate in those little successes.
  • How she learned to pivot when something’s out of alignment.
  • Guard your mind because your actions follow what you think and believe.
  • The power of saying no. People need the best you and doing too much is not worth the sacrifice of the better thing that you’re meant to pursue and walking out your gift with excellence.
  • Stress is both internal and external. It’s important to learn how to tackle these in order to maintain your vitality and health. Rachel teaches us that all stress stems from one of 4 fears: loss, failure, rejection, and the unknown.

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