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The Radiant Podcast #47: Kate Crocco

Kate Crocco is a Confidence and Mindset Coach for ambitious female entrepreneurs. Kate uses her clinical expertise as a trained psychotherapist, along with her experience of owning both a local and online business. She helps women create massive success in their businesses by helping them identify patterns that have held them back from greatness by lovingly challenging, supporting and guiding. Kate guides them in creating an unshakable mindset and confidence to enable them to do the miracle work they were meant to do and make a bigger impact in the world

Our favorite takeaways from Kate:

  • Seasons of hustle are necessary, but there’s a time for running and a time for resting.
  • Remember to trust yourself, even when people in the world tell you that you’re ideas aren’t right; get connected with what you truly desire and believe because you are the only one who knows what’s right for you.
  • Tips for the girl boss getting ready for motherhood:
    • We plan because planning gives us safety. But be okay with surrendering and let it go because there’s no way to plan for what motherhood brings.
    • Have a good support system and prepare to need more support than you’ve ever needed before.
    • Have boundaries in your business that give you space and freedom to be a mother.
  • Words to cut out of your vocabulary if you want to stay in alignment: have to, need to, or should be.  
  • When to pivot and when to be patient.



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