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The Radiant Podcast #35: Joanna Waterfall


Since childhood, Joanna Waterfall has been a creator. While her methods have changed some from the forts she made as a kid, her fascination and love for the world has not. Growing up Joanna’s parents encouraged her love for art which lead her to pursue it as her major in college. She started working for herself as a graphic designer but was inspired by people integrating purpose into their work. Looking around at the creative community and seeing an excess of competition and comparison, Joanna set out to create a community where women can be inspired by purpose and connectivity. With that, the Yellow Conference was born.

I have truly enjoyed getting to know Joanna and I’m so excited for you to get to do the same! In today’s conversation you’ll get to hear about how the Yellow Conference was created, more on the process of turning a passion project into a career, and of course the Enneagram snuck its way into the conversation (a norm in my life!).  Joanna speaks on how empathy can be both her biggest strength and weakness and how it transforms her role in leadership.

Joanna’s humble, compassionate personality allowed me to take a step back from self-placed pressure and just relax. I hope it does the same for you!

Our favorite takeaways from Joanna:

  • The importance of learning and always surrounding yourself with people and opportunities to grow.
  • The power of transparency and authenticity. It’s easy to want to always put your best foot forward, but growth and depth happen when we’re unafraid to be honest and ask questions.
  • How not to find your identity in your work (so easy to relate to, huh?!).
  • How to handle conflicts at the office and the power of addressing issues right away.



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