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The Radiant Podcast #34: Sarah Bragg

Sarah Bragg is married with two beautiful girls. She worked in full-time ministry for more than 8 years and then alongside those who are in the ministry trenches for more than 10 years with Orange. She graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary and authored the book, Body. Beauty. Boys. The Truth About Girls and How We See Ourselves. She is currently Content Director for the Live a Better Story small group curriculum through Orange. You can also find her on iTunes hosting the show Surviving Sarah where she has conversations in order to help women enjoy and survive where they are in life.

In today’s conversation, Sarah shares the struggles she faced in trying to understand her passion and purpose. Her transparency is sure to leave you encouraged as she opens up about her loss of identity, what she thought was the death of a dream, and all the feelings that accompanied that transition. Sarah speaks to journey it took for her to understand God’s plan and how she had to lay down her plan to get His greater vision. She shares wisdom that our dreams don’t always come in the package we think, but there is freedom in that realization. Come join us on this conversation because I’m sure you’ll leave feeling freedom from the pressure and expectations we place on ourselves!

Our favorite takeaways from Sarah:

  • There is a bigger picture that we’re not always able to see in the moment. Sometimes things feel dark, but take comfort in knowing God is always strengthening and maturing you for what He has in store.
  • There is freedom in realizing our resumes don’t speak to our identity.
  • The struggles we go through are gifts that allow us to encourage and walk alongside others more effectively.
  • It’s okay if your passion isn’t your job! Maybe it will be one day, but maybe it will fuel your ability to do your day job.
  • Don’t compare! It’s easy to look at others and be discouraged thinking you are behind, but the reality is you don’t know where they are at or what they’ve been through to get there.



Body. Beauty. Boys by Sarah Bragg









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