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The Radiant Podcast #30: Meredith Boggs

Meredith is a Nashville native who is married to Justin, her high school sweet heart. You’ll find them collaborating on their business Ideas Collective, traveling the world while fearlessly eating street food or champagne toasting in the kitchen at their home in East Nashville to living a beautiful, daring adventurous life of passion and purpose!  Though an ER nurse by trade, Meredith loves equally the tactile and intellect nursing requires and the creativity and soul that writing calls for.

Our favorite takeaways from Meredith:

  • How some of the most challenging seasons can be the biggest catalysts for growth.
  • How her and her husband Justin are helping people pinpoint their dreams and develop them into a reality.
  • Why it is important to not jump the gun on quitting your day job – wait until it’s the most logical next step.
  • How we all need time and space to have margin for writing and creative endeavors.
  • How our greatest strengths can often be our biggest downfalls and the need to sharpen those character traits in order to steward them wisely.


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The Road Back To You

Present Over Perfect by Shauna Niequist

Traction by Gabriel Weinberg

Essentialism by Greg McKeown



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