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A Little Soapbox About Comparison


One of my mantra’s that I have picked up somewhere along the way is “Comparison is the thief of joy.”  I think it was Theodore Roosevelt who first said that.  Yep, I checked. It was.
Seriously though. What benefit does comparison ever bring into our lives? And we ladies are the WORST about it. 
I caught myself comparing in a car ride with new friends a little while back. A girl was talking about worship gifting and her next project and I started going there.  Oh you know…there.  We all do it   I was feeling all inferior and thinking, “Gosh what are my projects?! I wish I was musically talented.” And you know… blah, blah, blah.
Then I hear God basically say, “Stop it.   Your gift is love and your project is to distribute it wherever you go.”  
I immediately had to repent because I do know this is something He has spoken into my life on more than a few occasions.  My job is to be the best version of me.  Not to compare myself to other peoples’ gifts that I wish I had. 
On top of that…if you look at it realistically…we are comparing our worst to their best.  Now that doesn’t make for a level playing field at all.
If we were all the same, this world would be pretty one-dimensional and boring.  Thank goodness we have a Father who is the author of creativity and fashions us all differently.  He showcases his many facets by creating us each with different gifts and talents-which in turns highlights just how glorious and magnificent He really is.   So why do we so often go against the grain of this and begin to compare
I am oh so glad the entire world is not like me, and I when I look at it from this perspective I’m not striving to live someone else’s calling either.  I want to be me, Kelsey.  The best version of me, that is.  And I hope you want to be the best version of YOU.  Let’s not try to switch roles, because let’s be honest, I’ll probably fail miserably trying to play your violin, break dancing for a crowd of onlookers, or leading worship with my not-so-beautiful (but oh-so-joyful) voice.
That’s all for now.

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