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Thoughts on Busy-Ness

Hey friends, Kelsey here!  Do you ever feel like life is passing you by in a blur.  That you have filled your life full-to-the-brim with things to do, people to see, places to be, things that just have to be done.  And all those things, which separately and with some healthy balance are actually enjoyable, all of a sudden become stressful when placed back-to-back each day.
Well friends, you just peaked through a window into my life.
Lately, life has been busy to say the least.  And I am tired.

This is all my own doing of course. It seems that I have a major problem of over-committing and people-pleasing.  In truth, tending all of these things to do makes me happy, until I find myself way past that boundary line between healthy and have now landed somewhere around crazy.

And the kicker is, I have totally been at this place before.  It is no new lesson to me. When will I learn?
I have found that when I am not creating space in my life to just BE I feel aggravated, frustrated, and majorly stressed by the world around me.  All of the things to do and people I typically enjoy seeing easily become one more thing on the to-do list when I’m at this rushed, overcommitted, no-room-for-anything-off-the-schedule place in life.  How did this happe!?!
You guys, I’ll tell you exactly how it happened, I am a YES girl.  I like to say yes to E V E R Y T H I N G. I have the biggest “fear of missing out” there ever was on the planet.  I love to be part of everything fun scheduled on anyone’s calendar from here to next year.  But I can’t say yes to it all. 
Everywhere I’ve looked lately I’ve seen this little sentence, “Saying yes right now , means saying no to something else.”  
Literally, everywhere.
This couldn’t be more true.  I am finding when I create space, and choose to say yes to the only the most important people and things in my life, I enjoy each day more and more.  There is space to breathe and to take it all in, to truly be all-in during each moment, not half-way present with a million thoughts of “how can I fit all of this into my day” during each moment!

I encourage you to start carving out a moment of rest each day.  A moment of space to breathe, and also to start cutting down obligations leaving room for the most important people and commitments each day.  I promise you it will be worth it!

Does this resonate with anyone else?

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